Aga Renew Aqua Mask Pack

Anti-aging properties

Moisturizes and nourishes

Skin lightening and refines complexion

Cleanses with special microfiber sheet


The Aga Renew Aqua Mask Pack is an extraordinary formulation of pure, organic oud oil and
botanical extracts that provides anti-aging and anti-wrinkle remedies. It quickly and effectively
cleanses, moisturizes, nourishes and refines the skin. Our precious oud oil has an enchanting
scent that relaxes the body and mind while revitalizing the face from signs of aging such as
reducing and preventing wrinkles.

The botanical extracts provide the needed nutrients for greater vitality for smoother and softer skin
while our unique microfiber fabric contains microscopic hooks that lift dirt from skin. In only
15 minutes you can have visible results for improved skin tone, hydration, firmness, less wrinkles,
and skin lightening. Using the Aga Renew Aqua Mask Pack as an everyday routine should be an
essential step in keeping your skin beautiful.